All New Factions & Character Customization Options Deep Dive

The video details new character customization options in a game, focusing on new factions, cloth and hair tech, and modular storage item designs for player characters. It also highlights significant features regarding skin tones, makeup layering, eye customization, a new hair system with 75 unique hairstyles, and armor levels of rarity, all contributing to a more comprehensive character customizer.

The video starts off with reviewing the new character customizations, focusing on new factions, cloth Tech, Hair Tech, and the updates from the engine demo. The team has introduced a new fashion line for the frontier, which Eric explains as “modular storage items” with a focus on utilitarian aspects. They now have a setup where modularity plays a significant role in the storage solutions, giving players that extra flexibility in character customization.

Next, they present a display of armor and hairstyles. The discussion dives into the art direction with a particular focus on how life in the frontier systems will influence their design of characters and factions. A chart is shared, that defines the fashion pillars for humanity in terms of material use and manufacturing technology. The idea is to create a unique aesthetic compared to what we’ve seen in Stanton already.

The next part of the transcription displays a demo of the new Character Customizer, where you can shape and design characters from a more extensive range than the existing presets. They’ve added significant features such as skin tones, makeup layering and eye customization, using real data for the skin tone range. The demo displays real-time changes, with upgraded hairstyles and improved skin texture.

Then they introduce modular storage options on player characters. They demonstrated how bags can be attached to a player character in a modular fashion, allowing for greater customization options and additional inventory management. They also introduced the idea of armors being categorized into different levels of rarity like “common”, “rare”, and “legendary”, with each having different capabilities.

Finally, the video highlights the new hair tech system for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42. This includes the use of a new shader, the development of texture libraries, and new hair assets for character customization. Andre reveals that they have created 75 hairstyles over the last six months, with makeovers involving heavy use of vertex sculpting for realistic hair physics. Ben adds more insights on the character customization where he briefs about other features- skin tones, makeup layers, facial features, new hairstyles, and even beards, central to their newly structured DNA pool.