AEGIS VULCAN - First Look - Star Citizen

The Anvil Vulcan is a concept ship in Star Citizen that offers repair, refuel, and rearming services. It is a versatile support ship with four drones, crew quarters, and a cargo space of 12 SCU, making it an ideal addition to a fleet alongside the Cutlass for various tasks, with its sale beginning on February 22nd.

The Anvil Vulcan is the first concept ship of 2018 in Star Citizen that offers repair, refuel, and rearming services. It is considered a starter ship due to its size and potential gameplay, with an expected price range of around $200. The ship operates on four drones, each capable of performing one service at a time when launched from the ship. It also features a pair of drone control stations, a pilot, and crew quarters for extended missions. In terms of fuel, the Vulcan shares its reserves with its onboard service tanks, allowing it to potentially venture deep into space without additional support. The ship’s design stays true to Anvil’s tough tank hull, and its 12 SCU of cargo space enables the carrying of spares and ammo for support.

The Vulcan is slightly larger than the Cutlass, and its versatility makes it an excellent addition to the fleet as a universal support ship. Its sale is scheduled to begin on February 22nd and will last until the end of March. It is expected that the ship will be available for purchase with either war bonds or credits. The combination of the Cutlass and the Vulcan would be a great pairing for players, as the Cutlass provides cargo space and firepower while the Vulcan handles the heavier tasks. The author speculates that these two ships might frequently work together in gameplay.

The author concludes by thanking the viewers for their time and informing them that new information will be shared on their Facebook page. They also mention their intention to create an updated video with pricing and statistics once available. The post ends with a farewell, encouraging players to “fly safe” and expressing excitement about seeing everyone in the game world.