A Salvagers Take On The Vehicle Munching Prototype In Star Citizen

“I React to and give my views on how I think Star Citizen should impliment Vehicle (Hull) Munching gameplay!”

In the video, the prototype for hull munching in Star Citizen was showcased. The concept involves breaking down larger ships into smaller pieces for salvage. The prototype demonstrated the ability to break a ship apart, with the pieces then being converted into salvageable debris. However, there were some technical challenges and gameplay aspects that needed to be addressed.

The prototype focused on the technical aspects rather than the gameplay mechanics, so the process was simplified. The goal was to test worst-case performance conditions, which resulted in some issues such as slow conversion of materials and cumbersome navigation around the pieces. The developers identified the need to make the gameplay more fun and unique for different salvage ships, like the Vulture and the Reclaimer.

The viewer provided suggestions for improving the gameplay mechanics, such as having a physicality to the breaking down process, using a claw to grab and process the debris, and introducing a three-stage system of crushing the debris into cubes for easier storage and transportation. The idea was to make the gameplay more interactive and enjoyable for players, while also considering the technical limitations and balancing the mechanics for different salvage ships.