8GB VRAM Is NOT Enough In Star Citizen | RX 7600 Review

"How does the RX 7600 perform in Star Citizen? Is 8GB of VRAM enough for the AMD GPU? It seems as though AMD cards have an issue in game where they suffer from big frame drops in the cities. Does RDNA 3 fix that issue?

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The author discusses their experience testing the performance of the RX 7600 graphics card in Star Citizen. They initially bought the card to test its fluid motion frames and were disappointed to find out that AMD had released the 6000 series shortly after. Despite this, they decided to test the card to see how it performs compared to the RX 6600. Previous tests had shown that AMD cards with 8GB of VRAM struggle with slowdowns and frame rate drops in Star Citizen, even at 1080p resolution.

They conducted the tests on their main system, focusing solely on the GPU performance and not considering the CPU. In various areas within Star Citizen, such as AR Corp, Quantum travel, and in space, they found that the RX 7600 showed improvements over the RX 6600, but still fell short compared to Nvidia cards. However, when testing in a more demanding location like Lville, they encountered the same issues of slowdowns and performance drops that were present in the RX 6600.

The author provides evidence, including FPS graphs, to demonstrate the significant frame rate drops experienced with the RX 7600 in certain scenes. They explain that this issue seems to be related to running out of VRAM, and while Nvidia cards with 6GB VRAM can handle the game more efficiently, AMD cards with 8GB VRAM struggle. They note that if the game is completely closed and reopened for each run, the issue can be avoided, but this is not an ideal solution. Further testing is planned once Vulkan is available, as well as when AMD releases GPUs with more memory options.

In conclusion, the RX 7600 performs well overall as a budget 1080p graphics card, but its performance is hindered by the VRAM limitations causing significant slowdowns and frame rate drops in Star Citizen. The author suggests that prospective buyers may be better off considering older Nvidia cards that do not exhibit these issues. They plan to conduct additional tests with a 6700 XT graphics card and explore potential solutions once Vulkan is implemented.