5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Starfield | Starfield 4K

“It’s easy enough to dive into a new game, like Starfield, and then quickly discover that you could have learned a few things to make that life easier. This video covers 5 tips from playing the game that might help improve your onboarding ex”

In this video, the speaker shares five tips they wish they had known before starting to play Star Citizen. They start by discussing character creation and the importance of paying attention to your character’s story. While cosmetic choices can be changed later, the story you choose unlocks dialogue options that can be significant for role-playing players. The speaker recommends picking a story with the persuasion skill as it proves useful in many conversations. They also emphasize the importance of choosing traits in character creation, even though some may seem to have downsides. Most downsides can be overcome in the game, so it’s worth picking a faction trait and possibly a religious trait to add depth to the gameplay.

The second tip is to sell ammo for weapons you don’t use. Since ammo doesn’t weigh anything, it’s beneficial to focus on a small number of weapon types and sell off excess ammunition for credits. In the early levels, it becomes apparent which weapon type you enjoy the most.

Next, the speaker shares a gimmicky tip about obtaining a piece of equipment from a locked armor cabinet in the basement of the Constellation Lodge. While the lock is intended to encourage players to come back later, the speaker suggests using camera trickery to peer through a gap in the cabinet and grab the armor without unlocking it. This glitchy method can provide an early advantage.

The fourth tip advises players to equip their companions with good equipment, as they can be powerful allies in combat. Unlike the player character, companions don’t require ammunition, making them valuable partners. Additionally, if the player rests in their bed, both they and their companion receive a 10 XP boost.

The final tip is to keep an eye out for the Mantis questline. This questline rewards players with an incredible armor set and a powerful ship relatively early in the game. To start the questline, players need to loot a datapad from a mob called a spacer and follow the mission called Mantis in their tracker. Completing this questline will give players a significant advantage in the early stages of the game.