5 Secret Features in StarField I Didn't Know - NO SPOILERS

In a video about StarField, the host shares five secret features including using the jetpack to jump forward, automatically wearing or removing the spacesuit and helmet, using a higher powered mining laser for more efficient mining, followers not consuming ammo, and a guide for resource gathering. The host ends the video by promoting their channel and promising more tutorials in the future.

In this video, the host shares five secret features in the game Starfield. Firstly, they reveal a trick where players can use the jetpack to not only jump up but also to jump forward, significantly increasing their speed and movement around cities and planets. This can be achieved by binding the alternate key to the jetpack and using it in conjunction with the movement keys.

The second tip focuses on the character’s spacesuit and helmet. Players can set their character to automatically wear or remove the spacesuit and helmet depending on whether they are in settlements or breathable areas. This allows for flexibility in character appearance while still maintaining the armor stats of the spacesuit and helmet.

For the third tip, the host introduces an efficient mining method. By holding down the right mouse button, players activate a higher powered mining laser, allowing them to mine resources much faster. This eliminates the need to wait for each mining action to complete, resulting in more efficient resource gathering.

The fourth tip revolves around followers and their equipment. It is revealed that followers do not consume ammo, allowing players to give them relatively overpowered weapons that they may not be able to use themselves due to limited ammo. This can enhance the player’s firepower and create explosive and enjoyable gameplay experiences.

Lastly, the host shares a resource gathering guide. Players can quickly obtain lower-end materials like iron by heading to an asteroid ring and shooting at asteroids. Each exploded asteroid will drop containers with various materials, allowing players to gather resources efficiently.

The host concludes the video by encouraging viewers to subscribe to their channel and promises to release more useful guidance tutorials for Starfield in the future.