5 BIG Things That Were Missing At CitizenCon!

The video discusses five major aspects that were missing or lacked depth at CitizenCon 2953 for Star Citizen, including the dynamic Universe simulation, missions and dynamic events, details on bounty hunting and prisoner transport pods, ship paint customization, and updates on Titan suits. The video concludes by highlighting additional ships and Aliens that weren’t covered in detail and encourages viewers to support the creation of daily content.

The video discusses five things that were notably absent at CitizenCon 2953 for Star Citizen. First, there was no in-depth information or demonstration of the dynamic Universe simulation, which is a major component of the MMO. This simulation encompasses various aspects such as the economy, missions, resources, and NPC behavior. The development of this feature has been put on hold for now, as the focus is on developing gameplay systems and server meshing.

Secondly, there was a lack of missions and dynamic events showcased at CitizenCon. Although the missions team was not present, some features related to missions were shown, such as raid gameplay. However, there was no extensive demonstration of missions, potentially because they wanted players to discover them on their own or because they weren’t ready for presentation.

The video also expresses disappointment in the absence of details about bounty hunting and prisoner transport pods. Although there was a demonstration of cuffing mechanics, lacking in-depth information about bounty hunting and prisoner containment was unexpected. It is anticipated that further updates will be provided soon.

Furthermore, the absence of information on ship paint customization was mentioned. The desire for more options to personalize ships beyond just using skins was expressed. Viewers hoped for a statement or demo regarding plans for ship paint customization in the future.

Lastly, the absence of updates on Titan suits, which are large power armor suits, was discussed. While some information and tests were previously showcased, there hasn’t been any recent news about them. The hope remains that these suits will be implemented in the game for various activities.

The video concludes by mentioning additional ships and Aliens that were not covered in detail at CitizenCon. It is highlighted that November’s giveaway includes multiple ship prizes for the Star Citizen community. The video also expresses gratitude to supporters and encourages viewers to consider joining Patreon or becoming channel members to support the creation of daily content for Star Citizen and Squadron 42.