32R Leather EVO Racing by Thrustmaster

Thrustmaster has released the 32R Leather EVO Racing wheel, which is a versatile option for gamers as it supports PC and consoles. The wheel features a leather-wrapped construction, modular magnetic shifters, LED indicators, and customizable LED modes, providing a solid and satisfying racing experience within its price range.

Thrustmaster has released the 32R Leather EVO Racing wheel, which is a significant update to their ecosystem. This wheel fully supports PC and both consoles, making it a versatile option for gamers. The wheel comes with an updated quick release system that is compatible with the T818 direct drive base, providing a solid connection between the rim and the base. The packaging is well-designed and the wheel feels solid and well-made, with a leather-wrapped construction that looks and feels great.

To set up the wheel, users need to update the base firmware to version 610, which involves downloading the latest driver package and performing the firmware update as per the manual. The wheel comes with two quick release choices and sticker sheets for customization. The back of the wheel features a USB Type-C port for firmware updates, as well as expansion ports for future upgrades. The modular magnetic shifters can be adjusted for different preferences and offer a quiet and tactile shifting experience.

The 32R Leather EVO Racing wheel has a 32 cm size and is constructed to resemble a regular car wheel, with a metal middle and leather-wrapped rim. The wheel design does not have a flat bottom or notches for fingers, allowing for smooth handling during drifts and rallies. While the wheel may not compete with high-end options like Simucube or high-end Fanatec wheels, it offers a good experience within its price range. The wheel’s buttons and shifters provide good feedback and are an improvement over previous Thrustmaster models.

The wheel features LED indicators for various functions, customizable LED modes, and a wide range of bindings for different controls in games. The wheel is comfortable to use with or without gloves, providing a familiar feel and good grip. Overall, the 32R Leather EVO Racing wheel is praised for its build quality, shifters, buttons, and the extensive number of bindings available. It is recommended as an upgrade over older Thrustmaster models and offers a satisfying racing experience across different game genres.