3.23 Evo leaks (MORE VEHICLE INFO)

The video discusses leaks about upcoming features in the game, focusing on the Evo leaks for version 3.23, revealing details about new visual effects, planetary LODs, route setting, AI issues, water movement improvements, chat interface changes, and a new vehicle addition, generating excitement among players for future updates and enhancements. The leaks showcase various improvements and additions to the game, such as enhanced visuals, improved navigation tools, and new vehicles, indicating continuous development and promising updates for players.

The video discusses leaks about upcoming features in the game, focusing on the Evo leaks for version 3.23. The narrator acknowledges that some viewers may not like leaks but emphasizes that the information comes from reliable sources within the game’s development pipeline. They encourage viewers not to harshly judge the leaks or leave negative comments. The leaks include a demonstration of Sun Ray, showcasing the visual effects of clouds in the game, which the narrator finds aesthetically pleasing and promising for future graphic settings.

Another leak reveals new planetary LODs in version 3.23, allowing players to see all planets and moons in the system from any location. This feature also enables players to search for specific planets and locations within the star map instantly. The narrator expresses excitement about these additions and highlights the continuous improvements being made to the game. The leak also includes a preview of the Grim Hex interior map, which the narrator finds visually appealing.

A video demonstration shows route setting in the game, where players can set markers and waypoints to navigate through locations efficiently. The narrator praises this feature as a long-awaited addition that enhances gameplay experience. However, there are reported issues with the game’s AI, particularly the behavior of NPCs, which can be glitchy and unresponsive at times. Despite these challenges, the narrator remains optimistic about the game’s progress and potential for future updates.

The leaks also showcase improvements in water movement and ship interactions, with waves and water effects appearing more realistic and engaging. The narrator believes that these enhancements contribute to a more immersive gaming experience and anticipates further refinements in future updates. Additionally, changes in the game’s chat interface are highlighted, with updated UI designs that are well-received by the narrator and expected to enhance communication within the game.

Lastly, a new vehicle, the Marai Pulse LX, is teased in the leaks, hinting at a hover bike addition to the game’s vehicle lineup. The narrator speculates on the vehicle’s features and potential uses in gameplay, noting that it may serve as a convenient mode of transportation for players exploring planetary surfaces. Overall, the leaks provide insight into upcoming content and improvements in the game, generating excitement among players for the future updates and enhancements to the gaming experience.