3.20 LIVE TODAY! - Citizencon Details, More Cargo Details & Roadmap Update | Star Citizen This Week

This week in Star Citizen, fans can look forward to updates on lore, the single player campaign, and the game’s roadmap. There will be discussions on cargo mechanics, a dynamic event called Jump Town, and a Star Citizen Live episode focusing on sound design.

This week in the world of Star Citizen, there are several exciting updates and events to look forward to. Firstly, there will be a Galactopedia update on Tuesday, providing interesting history and lore about the verse. On Wednesday, the Squadron 42 monthly report will be released, offering essential information on the progress of the single player campaign. Additionally, a new roadmap update will unveil new features and changes. The Cargo Career Design Brief part two, scheduled for Thursday, will discuss vehicle and location inventory, as well as how the cargo mechanic will scale and expand. The dynamic event called Jump Town will also begin on Thursday.

On Friday, Star Citizen Live will air at 3 PM UTC, where viewers will learn more about sound design and meet soundscapers for the game. The planned release of Alpha 3.20 may even occur earlier than the expected September 30th date, as mentioned in a post. It was also announced that there will be no wipe for Alpha 3.20, with patches 3.20.1 and 3.20.2 scheduled for Citizencon and The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo respectively. More details regarding Citizencon will be shared later in the week.

The creator of the video mentioned their plans for the week, including covering the roadmap update and releasing the Persistent Universe monthly report as soon as possible. They also mentioned that a dedicated video for Citizencon will be made if necessary. Additionally, the creator informed viewers of an upcoming episode of their hardcore Zero to Hero series. They also invited viewers to join their livestreams on Wednesday and Friday, where they will be playing Alpha 3.20 and discussing Star Citizen-related topics.

In conclusion, this week in the Star Citizen community, fans can expect updates on lore, the single player campaign, and the game’s roadmap. The Cargo Career Design Brief’s second part will delve into vehicle and location inventory, while the release of Jump Town will provide dynamic events for players. Star Citizen Live will focus on sound design, and there is a possibility that Alpha 3.20 will be released earlier than anticipated. Finally, the creator of the video shared their content plans for the week and invited viewers to join their livestreams.