3.20, 3.21, & CitizenCon Expectations, & Is Starfield Killing Star Citizen? (Ft. SaltEMike)

“There has been a hefty dose of reading on and in between the lines this past week. With a 3.21 confirmation, 4.0 will not be coming this year, and with 3.20 approaching, new features and quality-of-life fixes are making the patch sound much”

In this episode of the Launch Sequence podcast, host Space Tomato and guest SaltEMike discuss Starfield, Alpha 3.20, and CitizenCon expectations. They discuss their experience playing Starfield, and how it fits into the current space game landscape. The game, although a Bethesda RPG and not a full complete polished product, provides elements that they desire to see in Star Citizen. They lift up how playing Starfield can provide a refreshing break from Star Citizen and any ongoing issues it may currently have.

They delve into talking about Alpha 3.20 and 3.21 updates for Star Citizen. In respect to development order, SaltEMike is interested in seeing RPG elements integrated into Star Citizen, particularly in terms of character progression and crafting, as he sees this in Starfield. In terms of updates, there are significant improvements that make the game more enjoyable especially on quality of life and bug fixes. They echo the sentiment that it doesn’t seem like Star Citizen will be much affected by Starfield, as there are different things that attract people to each game.

Space Tomato brings up the topic of Star Citizen’s cargo refactor and Hull ‘C’ ship. SaltEMike shares his experience with the Hull ‘C’ ship which he says is ridiculous and would hugely affect the economy of Star Citizen once players get a hold of it. He sees potential for the Hull ‘C’ ship but questions how it is possible to develop a ship like the Hull ‘C’ without knowing what it’s going to be.

In terms of CitizenCon, there is anticipation from the community about what will be featured. SaltEMike comments on how they are keen to see less of an emphasis on imagined futures, and more focus on tangible updates and improvements to existing features and gameplay. They want a clearer idea about the progression paths through the game, and to see what mechanics and adjustments are being made. This includes reputation updates, AI improvements, bounty hunting updates, and tweaks to the economy.

Closing out the podcast, Space Tomato and SaltEMike continue to echo their hopes for improvements in future updates and the value they see in incremental quality of life changes being released somewhat steadily. There is a shared sense of investment in Star Citizen’s ongoing development and a willingness to remain patient to see how the game evolves in response to its ever-growing and changing community.