3.16 or "3.15.2" next in Live?

There’s a lot of activity on the Issue Council and PTU updates recently, yet the version number has not moved beyond 3.15.1, so what’s going on?

Could CIG be preparing a significant bug fix patch before the release of 3.16?

I strongly suspect, a 3.15.2 patch is going to find its way into Live as PTU is updated to 3.16.

That would be great news as currently the game is in a rather sorry, unplayable state, with many broken game loops making progression almost impossible.


OK, neither of those things, it’s another 3.15.1 build, and it’s come with a sleugh of fixes.

So far, tripping seems to have been fixed in Live as well as NPC spawning in bunker missions. Hoorah!

Bunker missions are still broken :frowning: In fact, last night I had not just 1 NPC AWOL, but 4, whilst security was just casually pacing around as if nothing had happened …

Looks like 3.16 may have arrived in PTU, because as a mere mortal I can no longer access it: