You've been breaking rocks the wrong way, They do have a sweet spot.

“Turns out rock have a sweet point you want to aim for when mining.”

In this video, the speaker explains that there is a correct way to break rocks while mining in Star Citizen. They talk about a “sweet spot” that can result in better outcomes when breaking rocks. The speaker demonstrates how to identify this sweet spot by looking for convergence points of fracture lines on the rock. By targeting this specific point and using a default mining tool, the speaker is able to break the rock and obtain higher quantities of desired minerals.

The speaker emphasizes that this technique does not require any special gadgets or equipment, making it accessible to all miners in Star Citizen. They go on to showcase several examples of rocks that were successfully broken using this method, resulting in a higher percentage of desired minerals being obtained. The speaker also points out that while not every rock will yield a perfectly 100% desirable material, the majority of rocks processed using this technique showed better results.

The speaker acknowledges a friend, Port Olisar, who introduced them to this method, and encourages viewers to check out their content. They also request viewers to engage with the video by liking, commenting, and subscribing.