Your concept Ships are useless in Star Citizen

The video discusses the importance of considering present needs and the current state of Star Citizen rather than solely focusing on future ships and fleets. The creator suggests that when purchasing ships, it is essential to think about the loners that come with them and whether they will actually be useful in the game. They advocate for purchasing ships that can be used immediately and not applying CCUs (Cross-Chassis Upgrades) if the loner ships are not desired. The creator emphasizes the importance of thinking about the present game state and what players want to achieve in the game right now, rather than solely focusing on future plans.

They encourage players to consider getting ships like the Caterpillar, Carrack, Arrow, Cutlass Black, or ships that are more applicable and have greater use in the game currently. The creator suggests looking ahead a few months to updates like 3.2, which may introduce new ships such as the Hull C, and purchasing ships that align with those upcoming releases. They mention the option of melting ships and using the CCU value to upgrade to more desired ships but advise against basing fleets solely on ships that may be released years into the future.

The creator invites viewers to share their thoughts in the comments and join their Discord to continue the discussion. They acknowledge that not everyone may agree with their perspective but encourage an open dialogue.