YOU CAN Solo BH Missions with a Carrack in Star Citizen

This story follows Erad as he navigates his way through some difficult obstacles and enemy ships. Firstly he quantum travels to his designated spot 35 kilometers away. He then uses an elevator to change seats and get ready for his mission. Once he is in position, he targets his enemies with missiles and uses his shield to protect himself.

He enters the turret but it takes some time. He completes the task of eliminating his target and moves on to his next mission. This time, he dodges some Aurora ships and Calls to Arms’ missiles. The next mission is an MRTI, which is more difficult and requires more skill.

Finally, in he gets into the pilot seat and targets an enemy near the security post. After much dexterity, he is able to destroy it. Through a lot of hard work and skill, he manages to complete the mission of eliminating his targets solo with a Carrack, a feat which takes a lot of skill and expertise.