Y’all need some

The speaker is expressing the importance of empathy and how it can positively impact the world. They acknowledge that they are not personally involved in the situation but still feel bad for someone. They believe that empathy is necessary and can make a significant difference in the world. They mention that if more people had empathy, it would lead to a better world.

In their statement, the speaker highlights the concept of empathy as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. They emphasize that empathy is not based on personal involvement or direct impact on their lives. Instead, they emphasize how empathy allows individuals to feel compassion and sympathy for others, ultimately leading to a better society.

The speaker concludes by stating that if more people practiced empathy, the world overall would greatly benefit. They imply that empathy has the power to address various problems and challenges, suggesting that it could lead to improved relationships, reduced conflict, and increased understanding among individuals.