Would You Work For CIG Again? [Q&A] (Ft. The Pilot)

"​@ThePilot_ joins me to answer community questions after our podcast episode.

Episode: https://youtu.be/EkAM5E5Gl-c

Today’s Guests:

The Pilot
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@ThePilot_

Audio Podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/"

In this Q&A session with The Pilot, he answers various questions about his experience working at CIG (Cloud Imperium Games), specifically in relation to Star Citizen. When asked if he would join CIG again, he expresses his willingness to work for the company, preferably in the Los Angeles office or other locations like Manchester, Germany, or Montreal. He praises CIG for being supportive of their employees and prioritizing their well-being and mental health. Overall, he has a positive perspective on the company and enjoyed working there, forming good relationships with colleagues.

The conversation then shifts to The Pilot’s views on video games in general. He acknowledges the complexity of game development and how it has changed his perspective. Working on small pieces of a larger project can be daunting and humbling, but he finds it fulfilling. He also mentions his latest game, Crying Suns, a strategic RPG that he enjoys.

The next topic revolves around The Pilot’s favorite videos to make. He confesses that, similar to many content creators, he often doubts the quality of his work until he watches the finished video. While he struggles to identify a specific favorite, he mentions a cinematic spaceship video that he’s particularly proud of, even though it didn’t receive many views. He also mentions his enjoyment in creating funny and informative videos.

The conversation then takes a lighthearted turn, discussing office supplies and the departments with fun people at CIG. The Pilot humorously reveals that QA (Quality Assurance) tends to have the most fun since they get to bug other teams with glitches. He also shares an anecdote about his welcome box, receiving an emergency kit due to the cold weather in Austin, Texas.

Finally, the discussion explores The Pilot’s experience living in Austin. While he didn’t have a positive experience with the local food scene, he commends the people and enjoyable work environment at CIG. He concludes by stating that he will continue to create content on YouTube about Star Citizen and other topics, embracing the spontaneity that comes with the platform.