Wingman's Hangar ep032 . August 2, 2013

"Eric “Wingman” Peterson sprints through another episode of the Hangar.

o Robert Irving answers your Forum Feedback questions
o Ben Lesnick awards an MVP
o Harry Jarvis in the Jump Seat
o Curiosity lands"

In this episode of Wingman’s Hangar, Eric “Wingman” Peterson is hosting the show alone as Michael is on vacation. Eric gives a brief introduction to the show, explaining that it provides an inside look at the development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42. He mentions the various locations where the development team is located and the upcoming testing and ramping up for Gamescom.

The main topic discussed in this episode is the locking of the code for the Hanger module, which is a big milestone in the game’s development. Eric explains that now they will be focused on extensive testing over the next three weeks to ensure that the Hanger module functions smoothly. He also mentions the upcoming Gamescom event and a Star Citizen trivia challenge they have planned for fans attending the event.

Eric then showcases a unique gift sent by a fan, a 26-pound gummy snake. The gummy snake is a big hit among the team members, with everyone indulging in tasting it. Next, he moves on to the “Feedback” segment, where he answers questions from the community related to the game. Questions include the possibility of capital ships having beam weaponry, other methods of disabling enemy ships, and the logistics of playing the game when ships are not finished yet.

The “Wide World News” segment highlights the successful landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars, which happened on August 5, 2012. They also share the exciting news that new commercials and brochures for Star Citizen are coming soon. The episode concludes with an interview with Harry Jarvis, the art producer for Star Citizen, who shares some details about his background and his excitement for working on the game.

Overall, this episode of Wingman’s Hangar provides updates on the Hanger module development, discusses fan gifts, answers community questions, shares space news, and features an interview with a key team member.