Why Star Citizen Never Ended Up Like The The Day Before

The text discusses the closure of a highly anticipated game called The Day Before, which faced financial difficulties and shut down just days after launch. It contrasts this with Star Citizen, acknowledging its flaws but highlighting its ongoing updates and playable content as evidence against accusations of being a scam.

The text discusses the closure of a game called The Day Before, which was highly anticipated by gamers. The game had been in development for four years and recently launched, but quickly faced financial difficulties and was forced to shut down. Many players had suspected that the game might be a scam due to delays, misleading statements, and lawsuits from the company behind it. Despite these red flags, The Day Before still garnered significant attention and became one of the most wishlisted games on Steam.

The author contrasts the situation with another game, Star Citizen, which has also faced accusations of being a scam due to its lengthy development time. However, they point out that Star Citizen continues to provide regular updates, communicate with the public, and show tangible progress in the game. The author acknowledges that Star Citizen has its own problems and acknowledges bad marketing practices, but highlights the stark difference between a game like Star Citizen and one like The Day Before, which closed just four days after launch.

The author expresses frustration with the fact that Star Citizen is often called a scam when compared to games like The Day Before. They argue that while Star Citizen has been in development for eight years and is still not complete, it is a functioning game with ongoing updates and playable content. The quick closure of The Day Before after just a few days of release highlights the deceptive nature of the game and the lack of transparency from its developers.

Overall, the author emphasizes the importance of trust in the gaming industry and how the actions of companies like The Day Before’s developer can erode that trust. They acknowledge the flaws of Star Citizen but argue that it is unfair to label it a scam, especially in comparison to a game that promised so much and delivered so little before closing down abruptly.