Why Do People Like The Crusader Spirit A1, C1, & E1? | The Newest Ship in Star Citizen

"The Crusader Spirit series is beginning to wrap up its year-long development cycle. Let’s take a look at everything we’ve learned about this ship, and why people like it so much.

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The Crusader Spirit Series consists of three ship variants, namely the C1 cargo hauler, the A1 bomber, and the E1 VIP transport. Each variant serves different purposes and offers unique gameplay experiences. The series is designed to compete with similar-sized ships like the Cutlass and Freelancer, and it leverages Crusader Industries’ stylish design, speed, and agility.

The C1 variant focuses on cargo hauling and has a spacious cargo bay that can accommodate ground-based vehicles like the Cyclone. It also offers additional cargo capacity for transporting goods. The A1 variant, on the other hand, is a bomber equipped with size five gravity-drop bombs, offering players a unique playstyle of hit-and-run bombing missions. The E1 variant is a VIP transport meant to provide players with a luxury experience, featuring comfortable seating, a widescreen TV, and a panoramic glass roof to enjoy the views.

The development of the Spirit series progressed through various stages, from concept to white box to gray box. The design team worked tirelessly to ensure that the ship’s dimensions and appearance remained faithful to the original concept. The E1 variant, in particular, presented challenges due to its double-deck configuration and the inclusion of an escape raft. These complexities required extra attention and refinement during the design process.

Despite the limited information available, it is clear that the Spirit series has been a priority for the development team. Progress has been made, with the C1 variant nearing completion in the gray box phase and the A1 variant undergoing a detailed review. However, the E1 variant, with its unique VIP experience and interior design, requires more time and attention to ensure a high-quality final product. Overall, the Spirit series is an exciting addition to Star Citizen, offering players a range of gameplay options and a visually appealing design.