Why Are Star Citizen Players So Excited For These Exclusive Items?!

In this video, the host discusses the excitement among Star Citizen players for exclusive items called the Banu Folo and Banu Cubes. The Banu Folo is a unique item that combines a fidget spinner, a Magic 8 Ball, and a decision-making coin. Players can ask it questions and receive answers like “yes,” “no,” “reconsider,” or “we consider.” The Banu Cubes, on the other hand, are lock boxes with no known function, but they have a unique design and are considered collectible items.

These items are currently only available at physical events like the Bar Citizen World Tour, and their exclusivity has generated enthusiasm among collectors. Some players are willing to pay high prices on the secondary market, with Banu Cubes selling for up to $500 and Folo replicas fetching $100. However, the host mentions that there are other ways to obtain these items, such as translating messages or attending events, and there may be more opportunities in the future.

Overall, while some players are excited about these exclusive items, others question their worth and prefer the option of receiving the monetary value instead. Nevertheless, the popularity of these items reflects the diverse interests within the Star Citizen community, with some players enjoying collecting unique and rare items in the game.