When Star Citizen Devs Are Honest

“Star Citizen is building toward some bigger updates but that doesn’t mean there won’t be failures along the way. The devs have displayed an extra layer of transparency in the latest weekly report and players have responded well.”

In a recent episode of Inside Star Citizen, the developers showcased a failure in the game’s development process regarding the new San’tokyai alien fighter craft. This was a departure from their usual content that focuses on the game’s successes. Fans appreciated the transparency and praised the team for their honesty. However, it’s worth noting that the game’s developers have to carefully balance transparency with the risk of negative media attention, which could impact funding.

There have been rumors circulating about a potential release date announcement for Squadron 42, the single-player game being developed alongside Star Citizen. These rumors have been fueled by statements from lead developers and the removal of the game package from the RSI website. The upcoming Citizen Con event in October might be a suitable platform for a release date announcement.

The latest Inside Star Citizen episode also showcased the Hull C, a large hauling vessel that will be introduced in the upcoming 3.20 patch. The ship’s design and details impressed fans, but it remains to be seen if there will be adequate hauling missions and integration with the current trading system. There is anticipation for an announcement regarding hauling gameplay and missions, as many players have been waiting for this content. Overall, Star Citizen fans are discussing the upcoming content and expressing different opinions on the project’s transparency and development process.

salt-e-mike reacts:

In this video, SaltEMike reacts to a LevelCapGaming video titled “When Star Citizen Devs Are Honest.” He starts by mentioning that his reaction videos on Star Citizen have received some negative feedback, but he’s decided to continue making them since many people seem to enjoy them. The LevelCapGaming video discusses how Star Citizen showcased a recent failure in one of their promotional episodes and how fans praised the transparency. SaltEMike questions the need for such transparency, stating that it’s not necessary for their funding, as they have already received funding from outside sources. He also points out previous instances where important information was not shared with the community.

SaltEMike then discusses the upcoming release of the Santok.y alien fighter craft and how the developers openly admitted to its delays and challenges. However, he questions why they are being praised for being honest about a minor issue, when more significant problems in the game have been kept hidden in the past. He believes that the developers should not be applauded for doing what they should have been doing all along.

The video also mentions rumors about a potential release date announcement for Squadron 42, the single-player game being developed alongside Star Citizen. SaltEMike expresses doubt that the game is actually “right around the corner” and emphasizes that he will only care when the game is actually playable and close to release. He concludes by mentioning the upcoming patch 3.2 content, including improvements to the Asop terminal and the anticipation for hauling missions in the game.