What to expect at citizencon 2024 | star citizen

“Badgers and Execute go over their expectations for Citizencon and what they hope to see.”

In this video, two content creators discuss their expectations for CitizenCon 2024, an event for the Star Citizen game. They start by discussing the panels that will take place during the event. The first panel, called “Shaping the Verse,” will showcase the power and depth of the game’s engine. They hope to see new tech and possibly server meshing showcased during this panel. The next panel, “Fix it and Fly,” will focus on engineering and resource management in the game. They hope to see advancements in ship repair mechanics and ship customization options.

The “Navigating Universe” panel is expected to provide updates on the game’s star map and the player’s ability to interact with their surroundings. They also discuss the possibility of an updated inner thought system, which would improve the player’s ability to interact with objects in the game world. The “Character Advancement” panel is likely to address character customization and progression, potentially showcasing new features and improvements to the character system.

The last panel, “Destination Adventure,” is predicted to showcase new gameplay elements, such as exploring bunkers and missions in different environments. They also speculate about the inclusion of a new land miner ship and the potential for a demo or vertical slice of the game to be presented during the event. Overall, the content creators express their hopes to see more about Squadron 42, the single-player component of the game, and they anticipate a big announcement or surprise during the event. They also highlight the possibility of seeing new ships and concepts revealed during CitizenCon.