What’s Going On With Star Citizen - Phase 2 Ships - Roadmap Update - GamesCom

The Phase 1 ship showdown in Star Citizen has concluded, with the top 16 chosen by the community moving forward to one-on-one voting stages in Phase 2, and the top eight from this phase will be part of a ‘free fly event’. Other news include updates on CitizenCon which includes cosplay contest and a 2v2 dogfighting tournament, the ongoing development of in-game Mission contracts featured in Star Citizen Live, a sneak peek of the Alpha 3.2 update and the Star Citizen team informally attending Gamescom with various events.

In last week’s newsletter from Star Citizen, updates on the Phase 1 ship showdown were shared. The competition involves community members making a big deal about their favorite in-game vehicles and ships that are currently in Star Citizen for others to fly or drive. However, only those that are available in patches, not concepts, were considered in the showdown. With Phase 1 completed, the top 16 chosen by the community are put into one-on-one voting stages. The top eight from phase two will be part of a “free fly event” where players can try out all the eight ships.

In other developments, the CitizenCon news got updated. This includes the annual cosplay contest – before October 1st, individuals are reminded to apply for the contest. Over the weekend, the group stages of the fight or flight tournament, a 2v2 dogfighting tournament, occurred. The top four teams will eventually compete at CitizenCon.

On Star Citizen Live, Elliot Maltby from the mission feature team continued to create an in-game Mission contract – this was the first two-part Star Citizen Live event. As part of the process, they built a mission and modular programme structure, which allows for many variables to be implemented by the programmers and mission creators. They emphasized that building these missions can take upwards of seven months, but once the tools are expanded they will be able to build more missions faster and with more variety.

Moving towards Alpha 3.20, a sneak peek of the updates was shared in the newsletter. New settlement points of interest were revealed, including ones around Microtech, and these are expected to be part of Alpha 3.20 or the Q4 patch later in the year. They also mentioned plans for the narrative team to release a story called “Life labor: The Secret History of Hurston Dynamics”.

Despite the Star Citizen team not being officially at Gamescom, they attended in an informal capacity. Though there was no booth or presentation, three Bar Citizens events were run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday where players could win prizes. CIG staff members also shared details of their attendance at Gamescom, which included a scavenger hunt, daily raffles, and a tracking game for players to try and find the staff members.