What is the point in this ship with out a carrier ship?

“What is the point in this ship with out a carrier ship and my thoughts on what you could use it for.”

The Mirai Fury is a new ship release in the Evocati Collection in Star Citizen. It has a unique, submarine-like look, and has the ability to transform. It has been compared to a TIE Fighter, and can be used to zip and zoom in and around buildings. Although it may seem like a fun new ship, its functionality is somewhat limited in the game, as there is no carrier gameplay currently available.

The Mirai Fury has a much shorter detection range than the Arrow, the standard stop fire ship, and may be better suited for quick, piracy-style operations. The Stealthy Grade material can further reduce the detection range of the Mirai Fury, allowing it to get close to its target before becoming visible. As the Mirai Fury runs out of fuel quickly, this makes it difficult to support multiple player spawns and returns.

Overall, the Mirai Fury may have its uses for quick in and out piracy operations, or for zipping around during races, but it is somewhat limited in its current state. It may be better suited for players who enjoy short-term, high-speed operations, rather than using it for longer play styles.