What if...Elite Dangerous had SHIP INTERIORS?

Ship interiors for many are a dream feature for Elite Dangerous, but for many they seem unimportant. However, I believe they offer immense value to gamers. They would drastically improve the complexity, replayability, and enjoyability of the game world. Wreckage of ships could provide vast explorable environments. For example, boarding a derelict Anaconda could be made interactive by piecing together an environmental story with audio logs and personal effects. Salvage operations could create procedurally generated layouts, hazards, and rewards to promote replayability. Ship interiors could also provide a launching point for Extra Vehicular Activities such as repairs or anomaly investigations. With improved first-person combat, boarding enemy or derelict ships could become a thrilling tactical experience. In addition, Ship Interiors can provide the setting for story-driven interactions with NPCs, such as moral dilemmas and personal storylines. Options could include smuggling, scientific research & discovery, tactical planning & briefings, upgraing & customization, all of which would enrich the game experience and player’s attachment to their vessel.