What a total $hitshow | Star Citizen

"The Astropub, Algared and Execute look into the Ship Showdown and more recent marketting practices of CIG and offer some possible fixes and critics.

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In this video transcription summary, the hosts discuss their frustration with Star Citizen’s Ship Showdown event. They feel that the event is poorly executed and lacks any real changes or improvements from previous years. They believe it has become a popularity contest and is toxic due to the focus on owning specific ships rather than the actual quality of the ships. They suggest alternative ways to improve the event, such as organizing it by ship category or offering the skins as a pack for purchase or for free to encourage ship sales.

They also discuss a “goodies pack” that Star Citizen offers for purchase, which they find overpriced. They feel that the pack contains unappealing items and lacks value for its cost. They express their disappointment with the marketing decisions made by the company and their belief that it alienates potential buyers.

The hosts then speculate on what will be shown at the upcoming CitizenCon event. They question whether Squadron 42 will play a major role and suggest that Pyro, the game’s next location, will likely be featured. They also discuss the possibility of new ship variants being showcased, but they remain skeptical due to the focus on Squadron 42 development.

In conclusion, the hosts express their desire for a more inclusive and community-focused event, rather than one driven by financial gain and popularity. They hope for a change in the Ship Showdown event and express their concerns and expectations for the upcoming CitizenCon.