Viper MK3 "Review" [Elite Dangerous]

The Viper Mk3 in Elite Dangerous is a versatile combat ship with a simple design. Its speed and maneuverability make it a formidable choice for combat, especially when equipped with gimbal multi-cannons, but caution is advised when engaging larger ships.

The Viper Mk3 in Elite Dangerous is a versatile ship designed for combat. At first glance, it may not look like a combat ship, but it has proven to be more than just a cheaper version of the Cobra. The ship has a simple and solid design, resembling a racer rather than a fighter. Its cockpit is plain and lacks the elegance of other ships. However, the Viper performs well in combat, though it runs out of breath quickly when using lasers.

In terms of performance, the Viper has a unique combination of features. It has the highest speed without boost, making it the fastest ship in the game. It can use enhanced thrusters, similar to the Imperial Eagle, further enhancing its speed. The ship’s optional compartment space is similar to that of a hauler, but it has more hardpoints, power distributors, and thrust. While less maneuverable than other ships in its class, the Viper compensates with its speed.

When it comes to weapon choice, the Viper is not suited for laser weapons as they drain its power quickly. The recommendation is to go with gimbal multi cannons, allowing for better maneuverability and weapon effectiveness. Although the Viper offers more protection than smaller ships, larger ships can still pose a threat. Engaging in combat with medium-sized ships like the Corvette or Fer-de-Lance is possible, but caution is necessary.

In terms of cost, the Viper Mk3 is a stepping stone towards larger ships. It is affordable and can be purchased after a few successful bounty hunts. In order to maximize its performance, enhancements like power distribution, weapon upgrades, and field strength need to be considered. Overall, the Viper Mk3 is a reliable and capable ship for both beginners and experienced commanders, serving as a solid foundation for progressing to more advanced ships.

Additionally, the Viper has an appealing sound, resembling that of a sports car, adding to the enjoyment of flying the ship. It is also mentioned that by purchasing ship kits, the Viper can be made to resemble the Viper Mk4, providing another reason to choose the Mk3 over the Mk4.