VEHICLE MUNCHING PREVIEW! - ISC Returns & Roadmap Update | Star Citizen This Week

In this video, the narrator discusses the upcoming updates and events in Star Citizen for the week. On Tuesday, the galactic-pedia will be updated with more history and lore information. Wednesday will see the roadmap update, with only two features for version 3.20 remaining to be committed. These features include new Consignment missions and new Crusader platforms, but there is hope for additional features as well. On Thursday, the “Inside Star Citizen” series returns after a four-week hiatus, featuring a look at the new salvaging mechanics for the Reclaimer and the Vulture ships. This mechanic involves cutting off pieces of ships, tractoring them into your own ship, and grinding them up for salvage. The week concludes with the RSI newsletter being emailed out on Friday.

Additionally, the narrator mentions a second playtest for the 3.20 Evocati Master modes, with more details provided in a linked video. The community eagerly awaits the 3.20 patch, which will introduce an accessible persistent universe. The narrator plans to cover the patch notes once they become available. The narrator is also working on a video that covers the work completed in June according to the progress tracker, which will include exciting features. Finally, the narrator mentions their streaming schedule on Thursday and Friday and reminds viewers to subscribe and hit the thumbs up button to support the channel.

Overall, Star Citizen players have much to look forward to this week, with updates to the galactic-pedia, the roadmap, the “Inside Star Citizen” series, and the RSI newsletter. The salvaging mechanic preview and the release of the 3.20 patch with an accessible persistent universe are highly anticipated. The narrator also mentions their own content plans, including a video on June’s progress and ongoing streaming sessions.