šŸš§ UnderGround Facilities šŸš§

"Iā€™m personally looking forward to seeing these hit the verse! A Giant Hub of Mission givers and Factions, facilities and corporations for Players to meet, prepare and go about all the Business the Verse has to offer!

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Star Citizen is currently working on the development of enormous underground facilities that will serve as hub locations for players. These facilities will include landing pads, hangars, and be a central meeting place for players to gather, collect missions, and complete tasks. Specific factions and corporations will have their primary presence in these facilities, and access beyond the foyer will be granted to players who have earned reputation with the respective organization.

Players will have various activities to engage in within these underground facilities. They can collect and deliver packages and goods for mission givers, as well as turn in bounties to the security divisions. Additionally, criminal factions may assign players with tasks to infiltrate these locations for their own purposes. These underground facilities provide a wide range of opportunities for players to interact, complete objectives, and engage in both lawful and unlawful activities.

The development of underground facilities in Star Citizen offers players a new level of immersion and gameplay. These locations not only serve as meeting points and mission hubs, but also act as central bases for various factions and corporations. Players can engage in legal activities like package delivery and bounty collection, as well as take on illegal assignments from criminal factions. The underground facilities provide a dynamic and diverse environment for players to explore and experience the vast world of Star Citizen.