TUMBRIL STORM! - Vehicle Info Dump & New 3.19.1 Patch | Star Citizen This Week

Foreign Here (aka Mac) welcomes viewers to the official Star Citizen content schedule for the week. He expresses his gratitude to all patrons and channel members for their support. Mac is back from vacation and briefed on the Tuesday narrative team release of the portfolio post on Invictus Launch Week taken from a recent Jump Point. On Thursday, Inside Star Citizen will showcase the new tank-style ground vehicle, the Tumbril Storm, and RSI Links.

Friday brings Star Citizen Live, a Vehicle Team special, where members of the various vehicle teams answer questions about upcoming vehicles and the state of any vehicles in production. That show kicks off at 4pm UTC and Mac will be covering the week’s news over Star Citizen Sunday.

Finally, Mac provides a quick update regarding Alpha 3.19. He reports that game play was running smoothly with no major bugs. The only issue reported was 30ks, which is a server-client disconnect. The team is working on a 3.19.1 patch and Mac hopes it will address this issue without needing a wipe. Mac will be streaming on Thursday and Friday at 20:05pm BST and kicking off a new Zero to Hero Series. He will be documenting the game as it is with all bugs in the video. Hope all viewers enjoy the great content this week and subscribe to Mac’s channel.