TRIPLE Your Star Citizen FPS!

The video discusses a new update in Star Citizen that triples frame generation, potentially increasing frame rates. Testing shows significant improvements in visual smoothness and reduced artifacting, especially on high-end systems, with some performance impact on lower-end systems.

The video discusses the new update in Star Citizen that allows for triple frame generation, resulting in a potential threefold increase in frame rate. Testing was conducted at 4K resolution on a high-end system and 1080p on a low-end system, with a camera recording at 120 frames per second to demonstrate the impact. The footage shows that the frame generation technique can significantly improve smoothness and visual quality, especially when slowing down the playback speed to showcase the difference between native frames and generated frames.

On the high-end system, maintaining a consistent 48 frames per second was challenging but achievable, providing a visually stunning experience at 144 FPS. However, on the low-end system, occasional stutters and frame duplication were evident, impacting gameplay control and overall performance. Despite these issues, the frame generation technology still managed to enhance the visual smoothness on the lower-spec system, albeit with some noticeable artifacts and stuttering during intense gameplay moments.

The video also highlights the GPU load implications of using frame generation, with the low-end system showing increased utilization when generating three times the frames. This could be a consideration for users with varying system configurations and resolutions, as the performance impact may differ. The presenter suggests that dropping the resolution and utilizing upscaling could help mitigate GPU issues while still benefiting from the frame generation technology.

Overall, the video emphasizes the positive impact of the triple frame generation update in Star Citizen, noting significant improvements in visual smoothness and reduced artifacting compared to previous iterations. While the technology may not completely replicate the feel of playing at the generated frame rate, it offers a smoother experience for players across different system configurations. The presenter recommends trying out the new update for those interested in enhancing their gameplay experience in Star Citizen and anticipates further advancements in frame generation technology from other GPU manufacturers in the future.