Tomato Talks Live | Star Citizen Recent News, Ships, & Features

"In this new program, I’ll be summarizing the last couple of weeks of news prior to my live show every few Saturdays. If you’d like to see this show live, please join up on the main channel!

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In the recent Tomato Talks Live episode, various updates and features in Star Citizen were discussed. The ISC episode focused on ground vehicles, including the RSI Lynx, a luxurious version of the Ursa, and the Tumbril Turret, a small and fast scout tank. The Tumbril Turret is already in the gray box stage and will be ready for the upcoming 3.20 update. The team also discussed working through the ship backlog and their plans to release one to two capital ships per year.

The Arena Commander mode received significant updates in version 3.20, including the ability to load into someone else’s turret or equipment seat. They have also added new maps, race tracks, and game modes like gun game and tank battles. The development of the Santok’y, an alien ship, was also discussed, with the team revealing that they failed the gray box review due to unresolved issues with the cockpit design. Additionally, a roadmap roundup highlighted improvements to Wheeled Vehicle handling and the addition of patch notes.

Lastly, there was an update on the development of the Hull-C cargo ship, which has faced technical challenges but is now progressing. The ship’s interior and exterior designs have been modeled, and work is being done on materials and animations. The cargo handling mechanics and economy integration for the ship were not discussed in detail. Other updates included insights from the narrative team, Squadron 42 monthly report highlights, and information on CitizenCon 2022. Tickets for the event, which marks the return of CitizenCon after four years, will be available for sale at the end of June.