This Star Citizen Layoff Thing is Getting Out of Hand...

The author discusses the growing coverage of layoffs and departures within the Star Citizen game community, speculating on possible reasons behind the attention. Former employees share their opinions on the game’s financial challenges, incomplete features, and negative treatment within the company.

The author of the text expresses concern about the increasing focus on covering layoffs and departures within the Star Citizen game community. They dismiss a recent LinkedIn post regarding layoffs as not sensational but still discuss the possibility of isolated incidents. They speculate that the recent attention on layoffs may be due to the negative aspects of the game’s marketing and financial decisions made by the company. The author acknowledges that layoffs may happen but emphasizes that more information is needed to determine the extent of the situation.

They go on to share a Reddit post by a former Star Citizen employee who offers their opinions on the studio’s financial situation and management. The ex-employee believes that the company has miscalculated its trajectory and player spending. They criticize the game’s progress, incomplete features, and unclear future. The post also mentions instances of negative treatment by certain individuals at the company towards the author.

The former employee suggests that those who genuinely want the project to succeed should speak their minds, criticize when appropriate, and support milestones. They clarify that their opinions are based on their experiences and express gratitude for the time they spent at the company. The author concludes by mentioning some Twitter posts by another former employee but notes that further information is needed to fully understand the situation.

Overall, the text highlights concerns about the increasing attention on layoffs within Star Citizen and speculates on the possible reasons behind it. The opinions shared by former employees shed light on the game’s financial challenges and raise questions about the direction of the project.