This is one MEGA update.. (Star Citizen)

“Star Citizen 3.20 is absolutely filled with updates and the Hull C is the latest ship to come to star citizen and I really love it. It’s the biggest cargo ship to hit star citizen and I can’t wait to figure out how to daily drive.”

This video is a first impressions review of the new MISC Hull C ship in Star Citizen. The ship is the largest cargo ship in the game and has a unique feature where it can expand and unfold to accommodate more cargo. The player is excited to see the ship for the first time and is impressed by its size and cargo space.

The player notes that this is a PTU (Public Test Universe) wave one release, which means it is still in alpha and may have bugs and issues. They also mention that the new UI design in Star Citizen is different and takes some getting used to.

The player explores the interior of the ship, which includes a bridge, living quarters, a kitchen, and an engineering area. They comment on the attention to detail in the ship’s design and enjoy the various features and functionalities of the different areas.

After exploring the ship, the player takes it for a spin and encounters some bugs, such as strange camera angles and unexpected collisions with other ships. They also express their excitement about the ship’s ability to extend and unfold to accommodate cargo.

Finally, the player attempts to load up the ship with cargo but encounters difficulties and bugs, leading to frustration. They express their determination to see the ship fully loaded and mention their hopes that the bugs will be fixed before the final release. They end the video with a request for viewers to share their thoughts on the ship and their anticipation for future updates.