Things I Hate With Star Citizen's Development - CitizenCon, Evocati & Roadmap

This video discusses various frustrations with the development of Star Citizen, including the limited information leading up to CitizenCon, delays in certain features, lack of clarity regarding upcoming patches, changes to the PTU waves, and skepticism towards ship selection. The speaker expresses disappointment with the lack of transparency and invites viewers to share their own opinions on these issues.

In this video, the speaker discusses several aspects of Star Citizen’s development that they are annoyed with. They start by expressing their dislike for the “Road to CitizenCon” approach, where development updates are limited before the annual CitizenCon event. They feel that this obscures important development information, both for Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe, leading to a lack of content during this period. While they admit to enjoying CitizenCon itself, they argue that the hype buildup beforehand is unnecessary.

The speaker then moves on to discuss Alpha 3.20 and their frustration with the delay of certain features, particularly the Morty crew gameplay. They explain that they are eagerly awaiting the patch, especially for the Arena Commander aspect, which they find enjoyable for quick and easy content. However, the delay of the Morty crew aspect disappoints them.

Next, they voice their frustration with the lack of clear information about the Q4 patch. They point out that there are no confirmed or suggested features on the roadmap, making it difficult to anticipate what to expect. They speculate that more Arena Commander content and updates to features like bounty hunting and ship-scale tractor beams may be included, but Cloud Imperium has been vague about their plans, likely due to their focus on CitizenCon.

The speaker then mentions the changes to the PTU waves and the drama surrounding it. While they agree that involving appropriate players in consistent testing is a good idea, they criticize the way the concierge levels were divided, making it seem more like a marketing strategy rather than a practical decision. They express disappointment in not being able to participate in the Wave 1 PTU due to their contribution level.

Finally, they briefly touch on the Ship Showdown, expressing skepticism about the fairness of the ship selection process. They mention their preference for more transparency in development and express disappointment about a thread that was deleted discussing potential changes to the Aries ship.

Overall, the speaker voices their frustrations with the limited development information, delays, and unclear plans leading up to CitizenCon, and the lack of transparency in certain aspects of Star Citizen’s development. They invite viewers to share their opinions on these matters.