The Unknown Future Elite Dangerous Feature might be the MOST IMPORTANT ONE

The video discusses the potential of an unknown feature in the game Elite Dangerous, which the narrator believes could be crucial for its future. They suggest that player-owned installations could greatly improve the game by creating purpose, emergent gameplay, and a player-run economy.

The video discusses a mystery feature in the game Elite Dangerous that has not yet been revealed by the developers. The narrator believes that this unknown feature could be the most important one for the game’s future. Despite not playing the game much anymore, the narrator believes that Elite Dangerous has untapped potential and could have been much more than it currently is. The lack of new features and advancements in the game has made it less relevant compared to its competition.

The narrator suggests that one possible feature that could greatly improve the game is the ability for players to own their own installations. This would give players a purpose and involve all the current gameplay loops available in the game. It would also contribute to populating the game’s galaxy and create a player-run economy, which is currently lacking. The narrator believes that allowing players to own more than just small outposts or player-owned carriers would be a significant step forward.

The narrator argues that player-owned installations would bring players together or against each other, creating emergent gameplay. This would add a new layer of excitement and purpose to the game, attracting both new and returning players. The narrator disagrees with the developers’ statement that player property is not the core of the game, as it involves all the core gameplay mechanics. The narrator hopes that this mystery feature will be the addition of player-owned installations, but acknowledges that it could be something else entirely.

In conclusion, the narrator expresses some skepticism about the developers’ track record and suggests that disappointment is a possibility. However, they also acknowledge that waiting and seeing is the best course of action. The video ends with a thank you to the viewers and a reminder to support the channel if desired.