The Ultimate Outpost Base Building Guide for Starfield - Infinite Experience Money Farm in Starfield

This video guide offers a step-by-step walkthrough on how to efficiently build advanced outposts in the game Starfield, including resource acquisition, skill ranking, base construction on multiple planets, cargo link setup, and item crafting for experience and money. It covers everything from obtaining necessary resources to optimizing base functionality for maximum gains.

This video guide provides step-by-step instructions for players to quickly build advanced outposts in the game Starfield. The guide starts by visiting the mining colony on Mars and purchasing necessary resources like drilling rigs and isotropic coolant. The next stop is at New Atlantis, where players can acquire more resources from UC distribution and Jameson Mercantile.

The guide then focuses on ranking up three essential skills: outpost management, outpost engineering, and planetary habitation. Outpost management involves building habitation modules and cargo links on six different planets to gain experience. Outpost engineering requires constructing 80 different pieces of furniture or decorations to maximize the skill. Maxing out planetary habitation involves placing base computers and habitation modules on 18 different worlds.

After achieving the necessary ranks, players are ready to build their first base. The guide suggests constructing a base on the moon of Androphon, strategically placing extractors for the desired resources like helium, aluminum, iron, and beryllium. Solar arrays are used for power collection, and storage containers are added as needed. Interstellar cargo links are also set up for shipping resources to the main base.

Further bases are suggested on Venus, Jaffa 1, and Latana 7 to gather additional resources like tungsten, titanium, copper, silver, gold, and more. Cargo links are connected to transport resources, and storage containers are arranged for efficient organization. Finally, the guide advises players to craft various items like adaptive frames, magnets, and calm relays for experience and money.

In summary, the video guide provides a comprehensive walkthrough for players to quickly build advanced outposts in Starfield. It covers resource acquisition, ranking up essential skills, building bases on different planets, setting up cargo links, and crafting items for experience and monetary gains.