The scale is amazing! - Elite dangerous Odyssey alpha

The speaker praises the scale and detail of the Elite Dangerous Odyssey alpha, appreciating the ability to explore and compare the size of different ships and space environments. However, they express concerns about ship design, missing features, and the lack of ship interiors, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing ship interiors for a richer game experience.

The speaker starts off by praising the scale of Elite Dangerous Odyssey alpha, stating that they never fully realized the true scale of the game until now. They express excitement in being able to visit and compare the size of different ships and space environments, noting that it often surprises them. However, they do mention that all ships in the game appear to be on stilts, which may diminish some of the magic and visual variety compared to other games like Star Citizen. Despite this, they still enjoy basking in the presence of their favorite ships.

Next, the speaker acknowledges the level of detail added in Odyssey, appreciating the additional intricacies. They mention some odd aspects, like low-resolution cockpits and oversized stairs on certain ships, but overall, they find it fantastic. They note that some features like plasma weapons and engineering were missing from the alpha phase, which they find suspicious and worry that it may lead to a grindy and unfair experience similar to the initial engineering introduction in the past.

Moving on, the speaker shares their experience of being able to visit an engineer’s base in Odyssey, mentioning that it appears broken and poorly designed. They express disappointment in the potential waste of developer time and their own time if this is how engineer bases will look and function in the final game.

Returning to the topic of ship scale, the speaker expresses their frustration with the lack of ship interiors. They state that without the ability to explore and interact with the inside of ships, they feel like the ships are just pretty but empty bricks. They mention that ship interiors would give the ships more meaning and make the game experience richer.

Lastly, the speaker admits that the most fun they had in the alpha was filming their character with the ships as a point of reference. They appreciate the improved camera movement without any obstructing collision boxes. They express a desire for the game to prioritize ship interiors over first-person shooter gameplay.

Overall, the speaker praises the scale and detail of Elite Dangerous Odyssey alpha while expressing concerns about certain aspects like ship design, missing features, and potential grinding. They highlight the importance of ship interiors and express frustration with the prioritization of certain gameplay elements.