The Most Powerful F7A Hornet Loadout - The Full Tachyon Hornet | Star Citizen 3.23 Live

In the video, the content creator showcases their powerful Tachyon Cannon loadout on the F7A Military Hornet in Star Citizen 3.23, demonstrating its effectiveness in combat against various enemy ships. The content creator highlights the Tachyon Cannons’ impressive damage output, slow fire rate, and limited range of 1.5 km, while expressing excitement about the loadout’s potential despite not having tested it in combat yet.

In the video, the content creator showcases their second favorite combat ship in Star Citizen, the F7A Military Hornet, equipped with their favorite loadout - six S3 Tachyon Cannons. These cannons are typically found on the Banu Defender ship, with the content creator having two Banu Defenders to equip the F7A Hornet with six of these powerful cannons. The content creator expresses excitement about the potential of this loadout, even though they have not yet tested it in combat.

During the combat simulation showcased in the video, the content creator engages multiple enemy ships, including Buccaneers and Arrows. They demonstrate the power of the Tachyon Cannons by swiftly taking down enemy shields and destroying targets with just a few well-aimed shots. The content creator highlights the effectiveness of the loadout in dealing significant damage to various enemy ships, including the Vanguard Harbinger and Reliant Tana.

The content creator provides detailed statistics of the Tachyon Cannons, such as the Alpha damage of 6,750 and a slow fire rate of 90 rounds per minute. They explain the mechanics of charging the cannons for two seconds before firing and emphasize the importance of accuracy due to the slow fire rate. The content creator also mentions the high bullet speed of 3,000 m/second, making the cannons effective at hitting targets quickly.

Despite the impressive damage output of the Tachyon Cannons, the content creator points out a limitation in their range, which is only 1.5 km. They express a desire for a longer range, suggesting that the cannons could potentially be used as long-range sniper weapons if their range was increased. However, they acknowledge the effectiveness of the cannons in the current master mode of Star Citizen version 3.23.

In conclusion, the content creator encourages players who own the F7A Hornet to try out this powerful Tachyon Cannon loadout. They highlight the devastating impact of the cannons in combat scenarios and recommend using the combined firing mode for maximum effectiveness. The content creator’s enthusiasm for the loadout and the ship’s performance in combat is evident throughout the video, showcasing the potential of the F7A Hornet with the full Tachyon loadout in Star Citizen 3.23.