The Impossible Quest For Star Citizen's Rarest Gem

The author and their team embarked on a challenging quest to find Star Citizen’s rarest gem, janite, facing obstacles such as bounty hunters and battles. Despite the low profitability of hand mining, they found and sold the gem, reflecting on the enjoyable experience of the quest and expressing hope for future improvements in gameplay.

Star Citizen’s rarest and most valuable gem, called janite, was introduced to the game almost a year ago with a less than 1% spawn rate. The author, along with their org mates, embarked on a quest to find this elusive gem. They decided to search for janite as wanted criminals, adding the pressure of bounty hunters chasing them. They explored various unmarked caves, practicing hand mining along the way. However, they found that hand mining standard rocks was not profitable enough to justify the time spent.

Despite facing challenges from bounty hunters, the team persevered and continued their search for janite. They encountered multiple battles, sustaining damage to their ship, but managed to survive. They discovered that the profit from mining standard gems was low, which was disappointing. Nevertheless, they remained determined to find janite, as it was a rare and valuable resource.

After numerous attempts, they finally found janite in a cave. They carefully extracted the gem and sent it off to be sold. The author reflects on the experience, stating that while the payout for janite was not substantial, the quest itself was incredibly enjoyable and provided a sense of purpose in the game. They express the hope that hand mining will become more profitable in the future, making it a more enticing gameplay option.

In conclusion, the author and their team embarked on a challenging quest to find the rarest gem in Star Citizen, janite. They faced obstacles such as bounty hunters and battles, but ultimately managed to find the gem and sell it. Although the profit was not significant, the experience of the quest itself was rewarding. The author hopes that hand mining will be made more profitable in the future.