The First Prototypes For True Salvage Gameplay in Star Citizen | Hull Crushing

"Taking a look at the first implementations of ship munching, the form of salvage most people imagine when saying “salvage”. While the gameplay is still a ways away, this is an early peak at how it could work in the future.

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In this episode of Inside Star Citizen, the focus is on the prototyping process for the new salvage gameplay feature called “hole munching.” The team discusses the purpose and importance of prototypes in game development, which help test gameplay mechanics and solve technical challenges. The goal of hole munching is to break apart larger ships into smaller pieces for salvage, and the prototype showcases the current progress of this feature.

The video demonstrates the early stages of the hole munching prototype, with a Vulture ship approaching a Gladius. The prototype includes a new monitoring mode and a progress bar to represent the ship-breaking process. The team also discusses the gameplay implications and challenges, such as improving the visuals, optimizing performance, and refining the gameplay mechanics. They touch on the need to make the process more efficient and enjoyable for players, including considerations for large ships like the Reclaimer.

Overall, the prototyping process provides valuable insights into the technical and gameplay aspects of the hole munching feature. It highlights the iterative nature of game development and the team’s dedication to testing and refining ideas. While the prototype shows preliminary results, further work is needed to address issues like performance optimization and designing engaging gameplay elements.