The FINAL NEW SHIP in Elite Dangerous, ALREADY Released?

The Mamba is the latest ship released in Elite Dangerous, leading some players to speculate if it is the final new ship. A poll revealed that 60% of players prefer new ships while 40% prefer a first-person shooter component, indicating a split in player preferences for the game’s future updates.

The last new ship in Elite Dangerous, the Mamba, was released on December 11, 2018. Some players are concerned that this may be the final new ship added to the game. To gauge player preferences, a poll was created asking whether players would prefer a new ship or a first-person shooter (FPS) component in the next update. The results showed that approximately 60% of players favored new ships, while 40% preferred an FPS component.

This split in player preferences is interesting for a game primarily known as a space simulation. The upcoming update, Update 14, is expected to arrive next month, but it remains unclear whether it will focus on a boots-on-the-ground component or continue with a space-oriented theme. There is a possibility that the update could incorporate elements of both gameplay styles.

Overall, the release of the Mamba as the potentially final new ship has prompted player discussions about the future direction of Elite Dangerous. The poll results showing a significant portion of players interested in an FPS component suggest that there is some demand for expanding the game beyond its traditional space simulation focus. The upcoming Update 14 holds the potential to shape the game’s future, and players are eagerly waiting to see what it will entail.