The Drama Around Starfield is RIDICULOUS - Here is Why it needs to Stop

The speaker addresses the drama surrounding Bethesda’s upcoming game, Starfield. They mention various controversies that have arisen, such as concerns about the partnership with AMD affecting graphics quality, complaints about the lack of physical copies, and criticism regarding the length of the solo campaign. The speaker dismisses these concerns, stating that the AMD partnership is a commercial deal that doesn’t mean Nvidia users won’t have great graphics. They argue that the game’s promotional material looks fantastic and doubts that it has been altered to appear better than it actually is. They also argue that in the digital age, physical copies are unnecessary and owning a game is about digital rights, not having a physical disc. Finally, they assert that the length of the game’s main scenario is not an issue, as RPG games like Starfield offer multiple playthroughs and gameplay options, making the main storyline just a fraction of the overall experience.

The speaker suggests that people should not pay attention to the drama surrounding Starfield, as they believe that news media outlets and content creators are using sensationalism to generate clicks. They encourage viewers to wait for the game’s release on September 1st and judge it for themselves. The speaker ends by asking viewers to like the video to support the channel and consider subscribing for more Starfield content.

In summary, the speaker addresses various controversies surrounding Starfield, including concerns about graphics quality, the absence of physical copies, and the length of the solo campaign. They dismiss these concerns as unnecessary and emphasize the importance of waiting to judge the game personally. The speaker also suggests that the drama is fueled by media outlets and content creators seeking attention.