The Arlington Gang Guide - Star Citizen

“Given CIG’s Mission Spotlight on the Arlington Gang Chain I thought it was time to refresh a guide I made a couple of years ago. While there may be simpler ways to get into a fight with an Idris the Arlington Gang chain gives a good glimpse”

The Arlington Gang mission chain in Star Citizen is currently being highlighted, accompanied by a screenshot competition. This video serves as a guide on how to complete the mission chain, including tips on ships to use and where to buy them in-game. The missions are bounty hunting missions, which lead up to a battle with an Idris capital ship. The guide explains how to start the chain by locating the mission “Eckhart Security Job Up” and meeting with Miles Eckhart in Louisville. The guide also suggests various combat-oriented ships that can be used for the missions, such as the Vanguard Harbinger, Anvil Arrow, Aegis Gladius, and medium fighters like the Aegis Saber and Anvil Hornets. The first target is Les Arlington, piloting a Hornet F7A, and subsequent targets become more challenging, including Nick Campbell flying a Nature’s Eclipse and Sam Weepy Arlington in an Aegis Vanguard Warden. The chain eventually leads to a showdown with Maltrox Arlington’s Aegis Hammerhead and, finally, the Idris battle.

The guide also provides information on the stolen Idris mission, which can be repeated multiple times after unlocking the chain. It suggests teaming up with friends and utilizing various ships to tackle the challenge. The Aegis Hammerhead is recommended for its firepower and resilience, though other ships mentioned earlier in the guide can also be used. The guide mentions a screenshot competition on Spectrum and apologizes for causing server crashes during their own screenshot session. It concludes by expressing enthusiasm for the mission spotlights in Star Citizen, but raises concerns about the emphasis on purchasing ships with real-world cash. The author suggests that all ships can be earned in-game and advises against spending excessive money on the game. Overall, the guide provides a helpful overview of the Arlington Gang mission chain and tips for completing it.