System Shock 2023 Review - I never liked the 1994 version

The reviewer starts by mentioning that they played the original System Shock in 1994 but didn’t enjoy it as much as other games at the time. However, they mention that the Remake is much better and improved in various aspects. They note that the game’s puzzles are still challenging and satisfying, unlike many modern games. The reviewer also praises the immersive atmosphere created by exploring the space station, listening to audio logs, and reading notes left by other characters. They find the gameplay loop of looting and recycling items a bit monotonous but not a major issue. The gunplay feels improved from the original, but the melee combat is still lacking.

The second paragraph focuses on the game’s positive aspects. The reviewer is impressed with the depth of the game, finding it worth the money and acknowledging its value compared to more expensive AAA titles. They appreciate the attention to detail, such as the immersive storytelling through audio logs and notes left behind by characters. In addition, they express nostalgia for this type of game and lament the lack of similar games in recent years. They feel that System Shock serves as a reminder of the industry’s current shortcomings.

The final paragraph concludes the review by recommending the Remake to those who missed out on the original or looking for an improved experience. They especially emphasize that those who played the original will be pleasantly surprised with the enhancements made in the Remake. The reviewer considers System Shock a great game overall, despite it not being their preferred genre, and highlights its affordability compared to modern AAA games. They conclude by remarking that it’s disheartening to see a game from 1994 surpassing many recent releases in the genre.