Starfield's INSANE Modding Potential

“Modding has always been a massive part of Bethesda’s titles, and Starfield will be no different. What will the possibilities be though? From intelligent AI driven NPCs, to the most iconic of Sci-Fi spaceships, it seems almost anything mig”

Starfield’s potential for modding is immense, offering possibilities beyond the scope of many other games. With hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on Star Citizen and the power of generative AI ever increasing, players can expect a range of exciting mods to become available. From existing games such as Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous to fictional ships from Science Fiction and Fantasy, modders can create and design anything their imaginations allow.

Large language models like GPT-3 are on the rise and what they offer to games like Star Citizen is incredible. The ability to speak and converse with NPCs in real-time with the AI aware of its environment and tasks is amazing. The potential of modding in the game means that gamers could be able to fly around in space and encounter phenomena such as comets, black holes, wormholes, and much more. All this and more could be created and modified to a level of accuracy and detail that is solely limited by the modding capabilities of the game.

When it comes to Starfield, the potential of what mods and features could add to the game is enormous. NPCs, ships from existing games, or even Science Fiction and Fantasy, all this and more could be added. That said, it is unlikely that some worlds like Coruscant (a city-world) will be easy to mod. Yet, in the universe of modding, nothing should be discounted, and with enough time and imagination, some of the most incredible things can be achieved.