Starfield Will Probably REPLACE Your Current Space Game (or Not?)

This video discusses the upcoming game Starfield, examining its potential to replace players’ current space games. The video explores various aspects of the game, including spaceship mechanics, planet variety, ship customization, modding possibilities, and compares it to other space games, expressing optimism that Starfield may become a popular choice among players in the genre.

In this video, the narrator discusses the upcoming game Starfield and how it may potentially replace players’ current space games. The game is expected to have wide appeal and attract both newcomers and veteran players to the space game genre. The focus of the video is on spaceships and other space-based content in Starfield. The gameplay showcase reveals that players will be able to fly ships and land on planets, although the process of landings and takeoffs may be automated. The flight mechanics of the ships appear to lean towards an arcade approach rather than a simulation one.

The video also explores the variety of planets in Starfield and the challenge of making them interesting across 1,000 different worlds. It is speculated that procedural generation may be used, but it is important to strike a balance between lifelike and believable environments. Players will have the ability to fully build and customize their own ships using a powerful ship construction tool. Ship interiors are also shown, although the functionality of different rooms is yet to be fully clarified. Hiring crew and creating bases are additional aspects of the game that will add depth to the spaceships and bases.

The potential for modding in Starfield is discussed, with the narrator expecting a robust modding community and the possibility of adding ships from other franchises and creating and designing planets and star systems. Comparisons are made to other space games like No Man’s Sky and Skyrim, and while concerns about bugs and potential shortcomings are acknowledged, it is clear that Bethesda has put thought into the game’s scope, making it a sprawling open-world RPG with the added feature of interplanetary travel. The narrator expresses optimism about Starfield and suggests that it may indeed become the favored space game for many players.