This video highlights the most exciting features of the upcoming game Starfield. These features include exploration of different locations, diverse celestial bodies, weather effects, player homes in cities, living on, stealing, and exploring derelict ships, customization options, side quests, base building, and the potential for mods to enhance gameplay.

In this video, the content creator identifies the most exciting features of the upcoming game Starfield. Firstly, exploration is highlighted as a beloved aspect of Bethesda games, and although the entire planet cannot be explored, players can still hop from one area to another, exploring each location and making notes of their favorites or resource-rich spots. The diversity of celestial bodies and the discovery of hidden creatures are also anticipated, offering potential resources and challenges to the players.

Weather is mentioned as an exciting element in Starfield, with different types of weather on various planets and moons, including harsh weather that may require players to seek shelter. The availability of player homes in cities throughout the galaxy, reminiscent of Oblivion and Skyrim, is mentioned as a rewarding aspect of the game, with the possibility of acquiring a nice townhouse.

The focus then shifts to ships, as the content creator expresses excitement about living on, stealing, and exploring derelict ships. Customization options, such as weapon benches and crafting benches, are mentioned, along with hopes of encountering dangerous creatures or hidden treasures on board derelict ships. Ship-building is also mentioned as a potential aspect of the game, which may offer unique and interesting designs.

The main questline is briefly discussed, with the content creator acknowledging their tendency to be sidetracked by side quests and base building in Bethesda games. However, they express a desire to complete the main story in Starfield and appreciate the effort put into its development. Side quests are mentioned as engaging opportunities to meet NPCs, discover locations, and earn extra credits.

Finally, the content creator reveals their excitement for base building, which they have enjoyed in previous Bethesda games. They express interest in setting up outposts almost anywhere, with the potential to generate income and customize the interior of the outposts. Resource harvesting and the ability to craft new items are mentioned as part of the base-building experience. The content creator also shows curiosity about how companions will contribute to managing the outposts. They conclude the video by mentioning their excitement for mods, which they plan to use to expand their gameplay and customize the Starfield experience even further.