Starfield: SPACESHIPS - Everything NEW

“A deep dive into all the new information on Starfield’s Spaceships along with my thoughts and impression on what Bethesda are attempting to deliver. From fighters to freighters, from trading to bounty hunting, Starfield looks to be offerin”

In Star Citizen, spaceships are an essential part of the game and Cloud Imperium Games have created a system which allows players to truly personalize their home in space. Players can purchase, modify and own an entire fleet of ships and can customize them in terms of aesthetics, functionality and interior. There’s a variety of ship manufacturers so every module can have its own unique style, plus modular weapons and Shields to make sure your ship is at its best. As well as customization, players can hand-pick a crew for the ship who will each bring their own unique capabilities.

Combat is also a key part of the game, with power allocation and tactical choices playing a vitally important role. Players can target enemy systems and even go as far as boarding and taking control of a vessel after it has been disabled. Debris from battle flies across the battle field, giving a sense of realism to the damage that is done. On top of this, you can dock your ship with other large ships, battleships, space stations and even derelict vessels.

The creation and maintenance of your own personal spaceship in Star Citizen gives it the sense that it is an extension of your character and really allows for personalization and choice. With such a wide variety of modules and shipyards across the Galaxy, the potential for one’s Dream Ship is definitely achievable. All of this ensures that a spaceship becomes much more than a vessel, it is a Sanctuary, a place to call home.